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C.S. Bull & Garbo

About Clarence Sinclair Bull’s Life

Clarence Sinclair Bull, commonly addressed as C.S. Bull, was born in the mid west of the United States of America in 1896. He soon fell in love with painting and decided to attend several classes with Charles Marion Russell who helped him with learning new techniques. However, Bull soon discovered photography which will become his main focus and passion throughout his life and career. In 1920, he moved to Hollywood where he was hired by Sam Goldwyn to photograph publicity stills of the most famous studio's stars. In 1925, the legendary MGM Studios were founded and Bull was appointed as the head of their photography stills department, a role he covered for more than 40 years, profoundly changing and developing the world of photography stills.


Clarence Sinclair Bull’s Photography Work and Greta Garbo

Clarence Sinclair Bull soon became the most appreciated and beloved photographer among movie stars, from Elizabeth Taylor, Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, and Katharine Hepburn, to Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly. However, his most intense and long lasting relationship was built with Greta Garbo who for many years only wanted to be photographed by Bull.

Bull and Garbo first met when he was hired to shoot the photos of the actress on the movie set of The Kiss in 1929. According to records left behind, both the actress and the photographer were very nervous about working with each other, but they soon established a bond that will last for many years to come. Bull was mostly fascinated by the beautiful actress’ eyes and her unusual long eye lashes. Therefore, he loved to focus on her face and have a dark black background which helped Garbo’s face stand out even more. Bull’s close-ups of the actress have become an iconic symbol of her incredible beauty and talent as she was always photographed on the movie set she was working on, thus portraying the feelings her character had.

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