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Pablo Picasso

About Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was born in 1881 in Spain. He developed a passion for drawing at a very early age and according to stories and myths that circle around his persona his very first words were ‘piz piz’ which he meant for ‘lapiz’ the Spanish word for pencil. Picasso’s father, an artist himself, played a major role in inspiring his son to take up painting. As years went by, Pablo Picasso discovered the works of Francisco Goya and El Greco, whose artistic influences can be seen in Picasso’s works of art. In 1900 Picasso decided to follow the footsteps of every young artist and moved to Paris, which was then considered to be the European capital of art. Because of the terrible state of poverty and degrade Picasso lived in, he used to burn his early paintings to keep himself warm at night during the very cold Parisian nights.

Artistically speaking, Pablo Picasso had several periods during which he focused mainly on one topic or on one technique. He is famous for his so called Blue Period, during which he experimented with several shades of blue and dark green which at times gave a very sad, depressing look at his subjects who often were prostitutes and thieves. This period is followed by the Rose Period, a more joyful and happier one, characterized by the use of pink and orange shades. It is thought that this change in Picasso’s mood was due to a woman who had significant influence in his life and his art. He was then inspired by African artifacts whose influence can be seen in Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.

In 1909 Picasso starts developing what would eventually become his signature style, cubism, which is a painting technique that dismembers the subject to study its singular parts. However, Pablo Picasso is also remembered for his classicism and surrealism, which can be clearly seen in one of his most famous paintings ever, Guernica, which represents the German bombing of Spanish city Guernica. Picasso died in 1973 and he left an indescribable legacy behind him for which will always be remembered.

Pablo Picasso Artworks

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